Me in a nutshell

I am a bioengineer-turned-data scientist teaching computers data-driven magic tricks. I am deeply fascinated by the possibilities that the analysis of Big Data and the evolution of AI have to offer and I am interested in utilizing data analysis and machine learning to make a positive impact on the world.

I’m a huge fan of good data visualization, strong coffee, weird movies and terrible puns.


My toolbox

These are some of the wonderful things I have experience in.

  • Python programming

  • R & tidyverse

  • Latex for scientific writing

  • Plink for analyzing genome data

  • Mega for building phylogenetic trees

  • Teaching


Cool stuff I’ve done

Being a teaching assistant

I had a fantastic time teaching 20+ lovely molecular biology BSc students in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. The fall course involved python programming and using online bioinformatics tools (like BLAST), while the spring course focused on statistics and R. To help my students understand the concepts more, I prepared extra materials for them that you can see here:
Bioinformatics and Programming course notes
Genome Analysis and Statistics notebooks

Here are some kind words my previous students wrote about me (no bribes involved):

Judit has been an excellent TA - she has always been good at communicating what we couldn’t understand from the lectures and helping us with tasks and especially R.

[The best thing about the course was] Judit! Her Kahoots and way to teach has been so good.

Judit is a lovely lady who under no circumstances should leave the TA position.

Co-creating muggerNN

As part of our Master’s thesis, my dear friend and thesis partner, Noor and me implemented a command-line tool to predict protein secondary structure that we lovingly called muggerNN (working title). Not only did we get pretty good at implementing different kinds of neural networks in Keras (from simple one-layer to deep convolutional nets), we also learnt a lot about data wrangling, cluster computing, patience, teamwork and time management.